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For relationships that never ends

Exceptional is the “rule” we follow when designing our exclusive BRILIANT WEDDING LINE collection.

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True loves lasts a lifetime. And so does a Briliant wedding ring

Free lifetime service applies to all rings in our BRILIANT WEDDING LINE collection – 99 years from date of purchase. Free service includes checking the gemstone setting, restoring the finish, professional cleaning and adjusting the ring size to individual specifications.

Lifetime free servicing of Briliant bands

Briliant is the only manufacturer in Slovakia to provide a lifetime warranty for all wedding bands. We are the only Slovak jeweler that produces 1.6 mm thick gold wedding bands. Such a thickness is necessary to guarantee that the ring is never dented or loses any of its splendid features.

Benefits of Briliant rings

Why to choose Briliant Wedding Rings

We set only Genuine Diamonds

Would you like your wedding bank to be set with zirconia – a manmade stone born in chemical laboratories that will lose its shine over time – or an imperishable diamond that has been preparing for you for several thousand years and will possess the same beauty forever? Our wedding bands meet criteria for the highest quality, they will never be set with zirconia.

Premium quality at an affordable price

As the only members from Slovakia of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, the diamonds we purchase never go through any middlemen. All wedding rings we manufacturer for you are handmade using cutting-edge technology, and the entire process takes place at our own jewelry workshop in Trenčín.

Top cut Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

Absolutely unique in Slovakia! The optical effect when makes you see eight symmetrical arrows when you look through the crown of a diamond and eight symmetrical hearts when you look through its pavilion. Such a perfect visual effect can only be seen in diamonds with the most excellent cut, and this is exactly the grade of diamonds we work with.

VS1-VS2 clarity and E-F color as standard

VS1-VS2 clarity and E-F color are the standard for diamonds set by the most demanding customers. But if you are not concerned about such royal clarity or color, but still would like to buy magnificent diamonds at a more affordable cost, you can look at diamonds with SI1 clarity and G-H color as an attractive option with an ideal quality to price ratio.

Unique Briliant offer

Engraving and deluxe handmade box worth €80 for free

For each of our wedding bands from the BRILIANT WEDDING LINE, you can opt to have any “verse” engraved inside at no charge.
In addition, for every pair of wedding bands from the BRILIANT WEDDING LINE collection, we offer as a bonus a deluxe box worth €80.
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